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Serve as a catalyst for you to transform your life

If you’re an entrepreneur or a purpose-driven leader, then you’re likely seeking to discover and achieve your highest potential in this lifetime.

⛱ Maybe you want more freedom,

⛱ to make a bigger impact,

⛱ to create more financial prosperity,

⛱to take your business to the next level,

⛱ to experience a deeper connection to your soul's purpose. 

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Hi, I'm TraceyLiv.

My zone of genius is seeing the genius in others, and supporting them to create whatever they want in life.

What I do is simple: I combine the powerful methodology of coaching and spirituality for clients to get immediate, deep and transformational results in their lives.

My style is all about immersion and is a complete mind-body-spirit approach for creating whatever you want.

Clients benefit from my wealth of 15+ years experience in psychology, coaching, intercultural communication, dialogue, conflict resolution, leadership and my psychic/intuitive abilities, spirituality, reiki and energywork to take them out of their minds and to the next level.


I help you achieve your goals, dreams & intentions...

My particular fusion of coaching & spirituality will dramatically speed up the results, outcomes and intentions you want for your business and life. 

Imagine stepping into a program where you stop playing small, stop hitting repeat on yesterday and you step into your highest power, work with the law of attraction and experience success and results in all areas of your life.

Would that change the game for you?

By working on your inner self, expanding your awareness, and having breakthrough ah-ha moments — you can really achieve anything you want.

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Here's the truth

My clients & I achieve success & fulfillment on all levels:

✔ Create and build a life they truly love
✔ Establish deep connections to their soul, soul's mission & higher life's purpose
✔ Leave the 9-5 to live their purpose, business ideas & dreams
✔ Find alignment & flow during life transitions [career transitions, family, parenting, health]
✔Earn $5-10k+ consistent income months, 6-figure+ & fully booked businesses
✔ Dream bigger & expand beyond their expectations
✔ Happily be in total control of their time and schedule
✔ Regularly book their biggest contracts
✔ Work & travel the world
✔ Attract love and maintain beautiful relationships
✔ Honor their health, mindfulness and wellbeing
✔ So much more [what will YOU add to this list?!}


Ways to Work Together

One-to-One Coaching

For people ready to work with a coach & spiritual mentor to get immediate breakthroughs, insights & reach new levels of success, freedom and joy in their lives.

Learn more about my 3-month, 6-month and 1-day Coaching Days. 

Book A Discovery Call

The best way to know if working with me is the right fit for both of us is to get on a call.

I'm looking for people who are hungry to uplevel, to achieve new heights, to connect soulfully to their purpose, and who believe in the power of coaching.

If that sounds like you, Apply for a call.

Corporate Trainings & Retreat

With curated trainings, 1:1 coaching and on/off site retreats, you can support your team to realize their highest potential, maintain their health & wellbeing, and be better leaders & colleagues to create a great company culture.  

Learn more by booking a complimentary strategy session below.

Join my Members-only Group!

This might be the ONLY coaching & spirituality group you'll need to get expert support for your life.

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