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If you’ve landed here, then I can venture to guess that you’re massively ambitious, smart and seeking profound inner growth experiences.

You know that more is possible for you and your career or business. There are bigger opportunities that await you. There’s a higher version of yourself to step into. And you really can have it all whilst doing less, and being more.

It’s time to get off the path of doing, doing, doing. More will come to you when you create space, you reflect, you step back.

The question is — What do you really want?


“I saw the alternative of not coaching. I would have just stayed stuck. I wouldn’t have aimed high. And left to my own devices, it would have taken longer.” - Client during a session

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Here's the truth

My mission is to support more people step into their power, their purpose and to live aligned with their values, gifts and talents.

My clients and I have:

✔ Created 6-figure+ businesses,
✔ Left the corporate 9-5 and stepped into living their purpose,
✔ Made drastic changes in their leadership approaches and policies,
✔ Run businesses whilst traveling the world,
✔ Broken past old paradigms, traditions and belief systems,
✔ Experienced new levels of health, wellbeing and loving relationships.

How would coaching change the game for you?

Hi, I'm TraceyLiv.

I’m proud to be a recognized Associate Certified Coach with International Coach Federation and have over a decade of corporate experience in international education and higher education.

My vision is to support 1 million people evolve in their consciousness and live out their soul’s purpose.

To do this, my mission is to become a house-hold name in the coaching & training fields by creating transformative spaces and experiences that ignite deep self-exploration, inner growth and lasting change.

My intention behind every action, thought and feeling I have, is to support people like you to realize and then act on their highest potential.

What I value most is growth, joy, love, freedom and laughter.

Work With Me


Corporate Training

Engage your employees with curated training’s on coaching, conflict management and leadership.

1-to-1 Coaching

Explore how a 1:1 coaching program can support you as a conscious entrepreneur, CEO and/or purpose-driven leader create deeper successes in your businesses & life.

Discovery Call

Book a complimentary coaching session to experience how coaching can support you achieve your goals and intentions.

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Free Workbook: 10 Coaching Questions to create a 6-figure Business & Lifestyle

Brand New! Request your free copy of my 18-page EDITABLE workbook: packed with thought-provoking resources and coaching questions to help you on your journey to a soulful 6-figure business and lifestyle.


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