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If you’ve landed here, then I can venture to guess that you’re massively ambitious, smart and resourceful.

You know that more is possible for you and your business. There are bigger experiences that await you. There’s a higher version of yourself to step into. And you really can have it all whilst doing less, and being more.

The biggest lie is that we have to work 12+ hours a day to achieve ‘success’ — at the detriment to our health, our relationships, and our authentic self? We know that this is far from success. We’re here to enjoy life.

It’s time to get off the path of doing, doing, doing. More will come to you when you create space, you reflect, you step back.

The question is — What do you really want?

Achieve your goals, dreams & desired lifestyle...

Coaching is like having someone 100% in your corner. Someone who gives you a space to set goals, provides a sounding board for your most intimate thoughts, helps you overcome your blindspots, points out where you’re playing small, and calls out the best in you so that you step into your power.

“I saw the alternative of not coaching. I would have just stayed stuck. I wouldn’t have aimed high. And left to my own devices, it would have taken longer.” - Client during a session

We need more people stepping into their power. More people being purposeful about how they want to wake up each day. And more people creating lives with meaning, purpose and impact.

How would coaching change the game for you?

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Here's the truth

Success follows those with courage, authenticity and passion. My clients and I have:

✔ Created 6-figure businesses in less than one year,
✔ Left the corporate 9-5 and earned more money living on their own terms,
✔ Run businesses whilst getting paid to travel the world,
✔ Lead lives with a sense of fulfillment and contribution,
✔ Broken past old paradigms, traditions and belief systems,
✔ Experienced increased health and loving relationships.

My blended approach of coaching and spirituality ensures that your whole self is part of the discussion. Your whole self can speak it’s truth, create a plan and design a life it truly loves.

And together, we can design a life you love.

Hi, I'm TraceyLiv.

My zone of genius is seeing the genius in others.

On a soul level, I love supporting ambitious entrepreneurs and leaders create incredible results and impacts in their businesses while honoring their need for joy, fulfillment and peace.

Coaching is about you and your goals, I support you get there easier.

I’m proud of my strong academic background, with a Master in Public Policy and dual Bachelors degrees in Psychology and Political Science, and the ACC International Coach Federation credential.

Professionally, I bring over 15 years experience in Leadership and Team Management, Conflict Resolution with the Thomas-Kilmann Diagnostic, Intercultural Communication, Intergroup Dialogue, and I’m a Producer with LavoieFilms, having led a docu-series called The Retreat, airing on Amazon Prime.


Ways to Work Together


Corporate Training

Engage your employees with curated training’s on coaching, conflict management and leadership.

1-to-1 Coaching

Explore how a 1:1 coaching program can support you as a conscious entrepreneur, CEO and/or purpose-driven leader create deeper successes in your businesses and life.

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Experience a complimentary coaching session with me to see how coaching can support you achieve your goals and intentions.


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