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Serve as a catalyst for you to transform your life

If you're an entrepreneur, a leader and/or a dreamer, then you are likely a person seeking to discover and achieve your highest potential in this lifetime.

⛱ Maybe you want more freedom,

⛱ to make a bigger impact,

⛱ to create more financial prosperity,

⛱ to experience true love and deeper relationships, and/or

⛱ maybe you seek a deeper connection to your soul's purpose. 

I can help you get whatever you want...

Coaching and spiritual mentorship can literally speed things up for you.  This is because you're not meant to do it all on your own, to struggle, to not see results and to keep hitting setbacks & blindspots.

Imagine stepping into a program where you stop playing small, and you step into your highest power, work with the law of attraction and start to immediate success and results in all areas of your life. Would that change the game for you?

Support you to step into your biggest dreams

I'm here to tell you that everything you want is within your reach. The only factor to achieving everything you want is YOU.

Say YES to creating the clarity & insights you need to achieve your goals and create an even more beautiful, joyful and successful life.

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Here's the truth

My clients & I achieve massive success & fulfillment on all levels:

✔ Double/triple their prices after one session
✔ Left the 9-5 to step into their own business
✔ Create deep connections to their soul, soul's mission & purpose
✔ Find alignment & flow during major life transitions [career transitions, family, parenting, health]
✔Earn $10k consistent income months
✔ Dream bigger & expand beyond their expectations
✔ Happily be in total control of their time and schedule
✔ Regularly book their biggest contracts [recently a client booked a $40k contract!]
✔ Work & travel the world
✔ Attract love and maintain beautiful relationships
✔ So much more [what will YOU add to this list?!}


Work with Me | One on One

For people ready to work with a coach & spiritual mentor to get immediate breakthroughs, insights & reach new levels of success, freedom and joy in their lives. This is for people who are ready to go DEEP into themselves and take action to achieving what they want.

Learn more about my 3-month, 6-month and 1-day Coaching Days. 

Apply for a Discovery Call

The best way to know if working with me is the right fit for both of us is to get on a call.

I'm looking for people who are hungry to uplevel, to achieve new heights, to connect soulfully to their purpose, and who believe in the power of coaching.

If that sounds like you, Apply for a call.

Join the Group

Would you love FREE trainings, INSPIRATION, targeted RESOURCES, and tons of EXCLUSIVE offers?!

This might be the ONLY coaching & spiritual mentorship group you'll need to get expert support for your life.

Join this incredible global network today.

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Destination VIP Day in Tel Aviv ⛱

Book between September 22 to October 6 [ONE SPOT LEFT!]

Have you been looking for a destination retreat where you can combine a beautiful holiday with some deeply transformative business and life coaching? Then I've created this VIP Day in Tel Aviv for you; for entrepreneurs, leaders & dreamers ready to dedicate time away from their normal routine and create a 90-day vision that yields results. Registration closes on August 31. Contact TraceyLiv to learn more.


• Bespoke exercises to get you aligned, focused and clear on what you WANT, and what success looks like in your life and business.
• Breakthrough 1:1 Coaching and strategy sessions, where we create your goals, intentions & dreams for the next 90 days, the actions you can take, and ways to keep you focused & on-track
• Access to my expertise, insights and knowledge related to business, spirituality, mindset, energywork & intuitive/psychic
• A Pre-VIP Day Coaching Call to create your bespoke day
• A follow up Coaching Call to help you keep the momentum
• Spa treatment
• All-inclusive Lunch & coffee/tea
• Celebratory Toast at the end

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Hi, I'm TraceyLiv.

My zone of genius is seeing the genius in others, and supporting them to create whatever they want in life.

What I do is simple: I combine the powerful methodology of coaching and spiritual mentorship for clients to get immediate, deep and transformational results in their lives.

My style is all about immersion and is a complete mind-body-spirit approach to creating whatever you want:  more love, more income, more impact, more freedom, and deeper connection to self.

I look forward to exploring how we can work together.

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