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Tracey A. Livingston
Transformational Coach & Energyworker






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Hello, I'm so glad you're here...

I believe people are eager and interested in living a rich life, a healthy life and a fulfilled life.

The secret to having whatever you want in life is to be in powerful alignment with your power and taking persistent and bold actions to get there. 

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The Emerald Program

Private, 1:1 Coaching & Energywork Services

I'm curious, are you ready to quantum leap forward in your business, your wealth, health and/or love life? And are you ready to have fearless accountability, support and growth with the sounding board of a coaching & energyworker?

If you're ready to be all in with achieving your most important goals, then you're invited to learn about how private, bespoke coaching & energywork can support you to create the life you're meant to live. Let's go.


Upcoming Courses

Survival Instincts: The Sacral Chakra

Friday March 9, 2018 | London, England

Join TraceyLiv to explore your Sacral chakra; the center of your survival instincts, resilience, risks, sexuality and financial acumen, to move from surviving in life to living from a place of creation.


The Center of Self Esteem: The Solar Plexus

Friday April 13, 2018 | London, England

Join TraceyLiv to explore your Solar Plexus chakra; the center of self esteem, self confidence, instincts and intuition, to learn new ways to truly honor yourself in every aspect of life.


Choices Create Reality: The Throat Chakra

Friday May 4, 2018 | London, England
Join TraceyLiv to explore your Throat chakra; the center of all of your choices, truth and willpower, to powerfully make choices that lead to a more spiritual, grounded and aligned life.



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