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Coaching entrepreneurs & leaders to envision, create and live their next level of success.

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What’s your dream?!

Maybe you want to…

✓ Create immediate financial success in your business

✓ Run a 6-figure+ business

✓ Create a high-end brand reputation

✓ Run globally to include travel and diverse clientele

✓ Live with maximum freedom


Why Coaching?

Coaching = 80% awareness and 20% action.

Coaching is a powerful approach because it supports people to experience breakthroughs that can permanently change their habits, beliefs, mindset and the actions they take.

With regular coaching conversations, these breakthroughs help speed up the time it takes to create results and allows people to step into success that they never imagined was possible.

You don't need more tips, strategies or tools — you need breakthroughs.

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What I bring to each session

I’m proud to bring a wealth of education and training to each session. I invest annually in my own growth vis-a-vis coaching and pursuing relevant qualifications.

  • ICF Accredited Associate Coach, International Coach Federation

  • Certified in Conflict Resolution & Change Management, Kilmann Diagnostics

  • Masters in Public Policy, American University

  • Bachelors in Psychology and Political Science, Bridgewater State University

  • 10 years of professional experience in Washington, DC

  • Reiki Master & Spiritual Mentor, EnergyMatters

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You can be confident that you’re going to experience authentic, transformative and life-changing certified coaching services to achieve your business and life goals.

None of my coaching programs or sessions are pre-packaged and I only provide mentorship upon request.


  • Create a compelling vision and tie it to your purpose

  • Get extremely clear on what you want and why

  • Design short and long-term goals to achieve success at every stage of the program


  • Upgrade your life to the 6-figure entrepreneur mindset

  • Get rid of any belief or habit that’s holding you back, keeping you stuck and stop playing small

  • Create a completely elevated version of yourself


  • Identify powerful actions and solutions that fit your personality and lifestyle

  • Get out of your comfort zone to see exponential growth

  • Think BIG and act BIGGER


  • Be held accountable by TraceyLiv to achieve your goals

  • Learn techniques on how to hold yourself accountable and be self-motivated

  • Build a thriving network of incredible people to support you along the way

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This coaching program is for you if:

  1. You’re a 6-figure+ entrepreneur or are committed to achieving 6-figures in the next 12 months,

  2. You’re ambitious, inspiring and hungry to go to the next level with your life’s vision, mission and purpose,

  3. You're highly coachable and thrive off of personal development,

  4. You’re 100% committed to do the work to achieve your desired outcomes.



✓ Kickstart your program with a VIP Coaching Day at The Conduit members club in London or via Zoom

✓ Bi-weekly private 1-1 sessions in-person or online

✓Experience a pre-coaching call to co-create your bespoke VIP day

✓ Free tickets to my courses and events in London & globally

✓ Personal messaging & email access for top-up coaching in-between sessions

✓ Global network of entrepreneurs & leaders (my clients create businesses and do business together)



VIP Day Coaching Intensive in London

The day includes:

  • Join TraceyLiv at The Conduit members club in London or via Skype

  • Experience a full-day of tailored coaching sessions focused on YOU: goals, strategy, mindset, money, actions

  • Enjoy a self-care treatment of your choice at the end of the day

  • Inclusive of coffee, tea and a beautiful lunch

*travel and additional accommodation not included.


1 Client = 1 Sponsorship

For every new client who signs on for a coaching program, TraceyLiv Ltd will sponsor a sister with Women for Women International. As each new client grows and develops, so will a woman around the world. I am personally proud to support this global charity and pay it forward.

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Program Investment

1:1 Coaching Programs - 3 months £6,900 or 6 months £8,900

VIP Coaching Intensive Days - £2,900

**Spaces available on application only, please apply below. Payment plans available. Limited space for in-person coaching in London.**



Please enjoy my clients’ stories and testimonials of how coaching has supported them.

“I went from charging $50/hr to creating a $10k client! Tracey is my fairy godmother.”


“I am a huge believer in fate and decided I will be leaving my current organisation next week. I want to spend the next six months enjoying the school run with my boys and overseeing a house project. 

I really do feel like a huge weight has been lifted from my shoulders and Tracey has played a part in that by making me realise what’s important in life.”


“After our VIP day and just 2 coaching sessions — I’ve given myself a raise, created a brand new website, new copy, new services and new prices, which have gone up considerably. I’ve regained control of my time and took my first vacation in 3 years.”


“Tracey has been a transformational driving force in my life for the last 6 months. What she has enabled me to do has been truly priceless in every way and I barely recognise the person I was when I started out on my coaching journey!! 

I have LOVE LOVE LOVED working with her. This is exactly the type of person you want as a coach, so committed to her craft and exceptionally professional in every way.”


“If you are where I am, starting a business, who has ideas so big that when you say them out loud people side-eye you, and just feel like you need someone who is all about you and is 100% on your side, you need to speak to Tracey. After every call, I feel like I leave with so much new information that I could take on the world! ”


“Tracey is my soul sister, my root chakra . I was in a dark place in my life & Tracey lifted me up and opened up a whole new world to me. 

She guided me into transforming my understanding of myself - shifting out of my false self to a more true authentic self. I keep her energy & voice with me even after our work together at ALL times & it brings nothing but more light & higher vibration. This then manifests itself in a variety of ways, such as better opportunities, deeper insights, and more motivation.”


“After a negative coaching experience with another coach, this has completely changed my view of how valuable coaching can be. It’s a strange feeling to have a non-judgmental space - thank you Tracey.”

— Steph, London

“The sessions have been great. Lots of positives came from coaching because the accountability allowed me to stick to most of my resolutions so really pleased with progress. 

I have put up boundaries and I totally agree with Tracey that it’s me I need to change, not others. I have come leaps and bounds and am happy to be verbal when I need to and take control so I have the strength and control over how I feel and the confidence to just be myself and know who I am. Thank you!”


“Tracey is amazing at what she does. Energyworker is exactly right as she has an infectious magnetic energy about her and offers advice that will help you move forward in your business and life. 

I wouldn’t be where a I am now without the clarity of purpose I gained when I worked with her. If you take on a coach you need someone who’s in your corner supporting, encouraging and holding you accountable all the way, which is what Tracey does.”


“If you are looking for a business / career coach I can 100% recommend Tracey as she is highly personable, business savvy, empathetic and intuitive. You will leave feeling inspired and motivated and ready to achieve your life goals. Thank you Tracey for putting me on the right track!”


“Tracey’s coaching has helped me get to the core of what truly makes my soul thrive. Before coaching, my mind and spirit were always in discord and I always felt anxiety and nervousness. I had difficulty getting through the week because I never had a clear outlook from juggling uncertainty in my friendships and relationships. 

Today, I have developed the tool of creating better boundaries and allowing people into my life who honor my best self! Instead of trying to change others, I change who I let into my life. We laughed together, we cried together, but most importantly, we walked through my healing journey together! Thank you so much, Tracey, :D”


“I started with the goal that I wanted to be able to speak more easily in all situations but not knowing what was holding me back. I left knowing exactly what had been blocking me from speaking my truth, where it had come from and the new choices and actions I was going to take as a result of this newfound deeper awareness of myself. As a result of this my confidence increased tenfold in just 6 hours, truly amazing!

Tracey’s manner is simply fantastic! I found her so approachable, understanding and easy to work with. She’s an absolute delight and I would (and have) recommend her to anyone.”


“Tracey’s full-day course was probably the closest I have ever come to a day of “learning perfection”: Brilliantly intuitive, appropriate pace, and energy from Tracey every moment of the day, a superb location and last, but certainly not least, an engaged, fascinating and caring group of people along for a learning journey


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