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Are you an entrepreneur or purpose-driven leader ready to take your business and life to the next level?

I'm curious...

What are you after?

✓ Launch, grow and scale your business

✓ Live aligned with your purpose

✓ Grow a movement and impact thousands [maybe millions]

✓ Be a recognized leader and influencer in your industry

✓ Fill your soul with meaning

✓ Grow to the next level of your spiritual evolution

✓ Create financial abundance and freedom

✓ Live with health, wellness & balance in your mind, body & spirit

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You may be thinking...

Is it really possible for me to go after and achieve what I want?

Am I capable enough? How do I deal with the risk, fears of failure, and worry?

And my favorite one...TraceyLiv! My dream is big, and I've actually never told anyone before. Where do I start?? How can I have the determination and momentum to make it happen?!

The answer is yes.

Yes it's possible!

It's time to stop waiting for the right 'circumstances' [when you have the time, the money, the health, the education]...

All of the time, money, health and infinite possibilities you want in your life will manifest only after you start taking deliberate steps to making your goals, dreams and intentions a reality.

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Coaching is for you if:

  • You're seeking to deliberately create success in your business, career and life*,

  • You're ready to see results and know that working with a coach can get you their faster and easier,

  • You're highly coachable, and ready to do the deep inner work to clear and transform any fears, limiting beliefs, lack of confidence etc that keeps you stuck.

  • You're the kind of person who's committed to take immediate and consistent action towards your goals.

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My Expertise, Style & Specializations

Hello! I'm TraceyLiv, a globally recognized certified coach, speaker, corporate trainer and film/TV personality.

  • 14+ years of professional experience leading teams in nonprofits, international education, and higher education

  • International Coach Federation Associate Certified Coaching credential

  • Lead coach, actress & personality in Amazon-Prime documentary via LavoieFilms

  • Conflict resolution, Intergroup Dialogue, Diversity & Inclusion, American University

  • Reiki master, intuitive/psychic and spiritual counsel via Rose Bohos, EnergyMatters

  • Master in Public Policy MPP, American University

  • Bachelor of Science, Psychology, Bridgewater State University

  • Bachelor of Art, Political Science, Bridgewater State University

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My clients

✓ 2/3 Entrepreneurs

Including; luxury travel and leisure, artists, creatives and musicians, accounting and finance, coaching, marketing and branding

✓ 1/3 Focused on lifestyle changes

Discover their purpose, find love, life transitions, parenting, health and wellbeing

✓ Global clientele

Clients hail from Europe, the United States, the Middle East, Australia 

✓ Diverse clientele

Across religion, politics, nationalities, gender, race/ethnicity, profession, sexual orientation, age, ability, culture

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Clients experience the true power of coaching, spirituality and life-changing insights with TraceyLiv. In this program you will:


  • Create a compelling vision for your business and life

  • Connect to your higher purpose, your gifts & your zones of genius

  • Get extremely clear on what you want and why

  • Design short and long-term goals to achieve success at every stage of the program


  • Actively uncover and clear out any fears, limiting beliefs and old stories

  • Gain new insights and fresh perspective to step into your power

  • Manage your emotions and increase your resilience

  • Receive transformational experiences that stay with you for the rest of your life


  • Identify powerful actions and solutions that you can take to achieve

  • Take consistent, focused, aligned action every day

  • Gain confidence and joy in the process

  • Practice the law of attraction and manifestation


  • Receive regular accountability and check-ins

  • Learn how to hold yourself accountable and be self-motivated

  • Build a thriving network of incredible people to support you along the way




✓ You'll begin with an in-person VIP Coaching Day with TraceyLiv in London or via Skype

✓ Bi-weekly private 1-1 sessions with me via Skype

✓ Free ticket to any of my courses and events

✓ 24/7 access with me to ask questions & receive coaching in-between sessions

✓ Receive monthly goals/intentions documents, resources and exclusive content via email and in my private Facebook group



VIP Day Coaching Intensive in London

The day includes:

  • Join TraceyLiv at a gorgeous private Member's club in London or via Skype

  • We'll do a 360’ look at your business and life: create program goals, dive deep into your mission and values, develop strategies you can begin to use immediately, and much more.

  • At the end of the day, enjoy a self-care treatment of your choice

  • Inclusive of coffee, tea and a beautiful lunch

*travel and additional accommodation not included.

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Program Investment

1:1 Coaching & Spirituality Program - 3 months £6,900 or 6 months £8,900

VIP Coaching Intensive Days - £2,900

**Spaces available on application only, please apply below. Investment in full.**


Alright, you've made it to the end of the page...

so I have one more thing to share with you before I hope to receive your Complimentary Discovery Call application...

Receiving coaching literally 'speeds up' time and allows you to get the results you want sooner.

In June 2018, I had a big life question I'd been trying to resolve for 6 months. I spoke of it regularly to my family & friends, did tons of research and was wondering if I'd ever get an answer.

Then, I met with my spiritual director & mentor in Boston, and after just 10 minutes of speaking with her,  I got a psychic answer to the question I was asking.  That's it, just one session and 10 minutes was all I needed to get hit with the clarity necessary to move my life forward.

This what happens time and time again in my coaching sessions. Clients like you get insights and then they can run in the direction towards exactly what they want to create.

You don't need more tips, strategies or tools -- you need insights.

Raw, truthful revelations that fill you with clarity and give you the awareness of what to do next.

I've personally invested over $20,000 on my own coaches, spiritual directors and mentors and training in 2017-2018 alone, and it's one of the best things I've ever done.

If you're ready to take your business and life to new levels, then this will be one of the best investments you can make because it's an investment in yourself.

I love you, let's go.

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