The Allure of the 6-Figure Business

The allure of the 6-figure business (2).png

The marketing term '6-figure business' is so hot right now! Making 6-figures has become the holy grail for entrepreneurs. It's an epic milestone of achievement. And most people would LOVE to earn $100k/year.

Except, why is it so hard for some entrepreneurs to create 6-figure businesses?

Are you struggling to hit your targets to land 6-figures this year?

The math is easy. All you need to do is price your products & services to equal $8.4k per month, sell that amount and you'll have a 6-figure business.

Except it's not that simple....

I've identified 5 main challenges entrepreneurs face that block their 6-figure success:

  1. They have a bad habit of providing 'free' and 'complimentary' to people hoping one day they will become paid clients (hint: they never do)

  2. They don't feel worthy to raise their prices or are constantly taking on small contracts

  3. They're not confident pitching high-ticket services to potential clients

  4. They're attracting the wrong clients who want 'free' or 'can't afford it' or simply aren't interested in their services

  5. They're too busy doing 'busy work' that is a waste of time and is not generating quality leads or converting clients

Any of these 5 challenges will kill or slow down your ability to run a 6-figure business.


Luckily, there are 5 ways you can start to create real results in your business that can lead you into the 6-figure club:

1. Have your pricing equal $8.4k each month and have that target be something you can easily deliver without being overworked

2. Only FOCUS ON business development strategies and actions that clearly generate leads and clients

3. Be WICKED good at sales and pitching your products

4. FIERCELY KNOW your ideal client and the problem your product or service solves for them 

5. Be WICKED good at delivering your product or service to existing clients (repeat customers + word of mouth / referrals are easy wins)


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Tracey Livingston