How You Can Get Your Own 6-Figure PR

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It was a dream of mine as a little girl to write for magazines. My mom will attest that ever since I could draw, write and use scissors, I was creating my own books and magazines at home. It would consume me for hours and I absolutely loved it.

Today I'm thrilled to let Mom know that my 28 year dream has come true!

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In June I was published in my first 2 glossy magazines here in the UK, I've done an interview with the BBC and have been quoted in digital magazines and news outlets such as Woman & Home, Professional Security Magazine, The Daily Express and more.

As a business owner, I believe it's vitally important to get PR because there are so many advantages to it.

3 main advantages of PR:

  1. Your name gets out to a wider audience (millions of people read The Daily Express)

  2. You're seen as an authority and credible expert in your field

  3. It drives your SEO, website and social media hits and can instantly create leads, clients and business opportunities.

You may be wondering, but how do I get PR?!

Here are 4 ways you can get your own PR:
1. Hire a PR agency. I work with The Relations Group here in the UK who has landed me nearly all of my publicity. It's extremely easy to work with an agency because they work directly with journalists, put my name forward to Radio Shows and even mailed me copies of the magazines I was in. 

Advice: I recommend this for people serious about building to 6-figures+ and want to be seen as an authority in their field.

2. Be connected to strong networks. I'm a member of The Merit Club, an online women's members club here in London. At one of their networking events the BBC needed a few members to speak on an issue. Because I showed up that day and made strong connections in the club, I was asked to do the interview. 

Advice: Think about what networks you can be part of that get press & publicity. 

3. Have entrepreneur friends. I received opportunities for Press because my entrepreneurial friends recommended me. One female entrepreneur who runs Career Collective and another who runs SheTravel. 

Advice: Make strong friendships, not just exchanging business cards. Stay in touch with people is the best advice out of this entire article!

4. Engage in social media. I found out about an opportunity to comment with The Huffington Post because one of their journalists put out a tweet asking for stories, and gave her email address. I've saved the account and email address to watch for future calls to action, and follow other journalists who's magazines I'd like to be featured in. 

Advice: Journalists NEED your expertise and stories, and they'll ask for it. Follow journalists on Twitter and be bold in connecting to them. Get your name out there.

I recommend you identify ONE of the four strategies to start pursuing so you don't overwhelm yourself. You can always build from there.

Comment now and let me know if you're going to commit to taking ONE action this week to get your own PR! I'd love to hear it and see how I can support you.

Here's to getting famous.



Tracey Livingston