I Bet You're Not Being Courageous Enough

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I was on a call with my coach last night and he kept repeating this phrase:

"You gotta have courage and you gotta be creative."

You gotta have courage and you gotta be creative.

And then it dawned on me - everything about being a successful entrepreneur requires courage & creativity.

If we sit at our computer today and do the same thing we did yesterday, contact the same kinds of low-hanging fruit, and never ever reach for the stars -- we will NOT have the dream life we're craving.

If you want that million-dollar business, as my coach says, you've gotta start getting crazy creative and massively courageous.

It’s time to think BIG.

So, how about you? When was the last time you were courageous in your business? When was the last time you did something massively innovative to create results?

Like, walked straight up to that celebrity at an event and told them about the work you do?

Or 5x'd your prices overnight?

Or emailed people you'd love to work with and offered a free consult to get to know them better?

Many entrepreneurs I coach have a vision of having millions of dollars in their bank account - in the future.

And how do you expect to get there if you aren't courageous in everything you do?!

You can't!!

Because becoming a go-to expert in your field, having a fully booked business, or being on stage in front of thousands will take YOUR initiative and tons of courage and creativity to get there.

Absolutely no one is going to do this for you.

What I recommend, if you want to flex some courage today or this week, is to write down the BIGGEST ACTION you can take that will get you way out of your comfort zone.

It might be going to a networking event with the task to get 10 business cards, even though you kind of hate networking!

It might be contacting 15 influencers/authorities in their field to request an interview, get a shout-out or invite them to your next event as a panelist.

It might be NOT checking your social media for 24 hours so you can actually focus on that big task you planned to do.

I know that you're the creator of your life. Everything you want is within your reach and available for you at any time, if you choose.

Today, right now, tap into the courage & creativity that rests in your mind.

Take action.

Follow through.

And watch what happens.

Join me on social media and let me know what kind of courageous and creative steps you plan to take today.



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Tracey Livingston