You Can't Solve Today's Problems With Yesterday's Thinking

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Last week I had a client's VIP Day and we worked for nearly 4-hours to unmemorize ONE emotion: unworthiness.

Unworthiness was running the show in their minds: telling them they're never good enough, not perfect enough, never 'finished', never _____ fill in the blank.

They bravely tackled that awful feeling of unworthiness for 4 hours and decided that the new version of themselves will be worthy.

They kept repeating, I AM WORTHY.

Why did we do this? Because they're scaling to $250k in their business.
And unworthiness has no place in their mindset and life.
They've got big things to do.

This example beautifully illustrates that everything comes down to mindset.

You have 50,000 thoughts a day.
And research has shown that on average, 95% of those thoughts are the EXACT SAME as yesterday.
If we haven't tackled and upgraded the thoughts from our past, often handed down to us -- then we continue to carry them with us.
Like a heavy weight.

If you haven't gotten under the hood of your mindset, no wonder it can be hard to achieve different results.

And this is why I love coaching. What I've found is that the best thing we can possibly do for our businesses is to constantly upgrade our thoughts and minds.

Because really, no amount of strategy or 'best practice' is going to work if your mind is filled with old beliefs, old ideas and old ways of being & doing.

You literally need to change yourself to income to double. To lose weight. To speak confidently on stage. do you change yourself? How do you change your thoughts and your mind?

First, it takes a lot of honesty with ourselves to realize there are things that need changing.

Second, it takes a lot of courage to decide to become a bigger version of ourselves. Oftentimes we prefer to stay small, keep our light 'dim' and believe that we're not worthy of becoming so much more.

And third, we oftentimes we have so many blindspots and limiting beliefs that it requires an expert to help us "see" those blindspots and beliefs in order to do something about them.

Here's a few strategies that top CEOS and Entrepreneurs do daily to change their thoughts & minds for success:

  • Read books.

  • Attend courses.

  • Listen to podcasts.

  • Work with someone to get better - a coach, a trainer, an expert.

  • Kick toxic people out of their life.

  • Observe their thoughts.

  • Meditate.

SO what about you? Would you be committed to upgrading your mind? Why or why not? Do you plan to do it slowly or attack it full on?

For me, I work on my mindset every single day because I know it's the only thing in between me and everything I want.


Tracey Livingston