One Good Reason To Stop The Bullshit

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I speak to a lot of smart people.
They've launched businesses. Had great careers. Traveled the world.
And then I get confused.
I hear bullshit coming right out of their mouths!

I hear them say:
"Well it's vacation season so it's going to be a slow financial month."
"I don't have xxx credential or training so I can't charge that much."
"I'm moving next month so I don't have the time"
"I don't have child care so I'll wait until next year to get started."

And all of these beliefs and excuses REALLY confuse me.
They have so much potential and yet they are excusing themselves from going after what they want.
They're basically complying with having mediocre results.

Not to be blunt, but HELLO I just had a 3 month old baby in May.
Chris and I moved when I was 7 months pregnant and then got on a plane to Palestine to do corporate work for a week.
I took 8 weeks of maternity leave and I'm aiming to double my income this year.
With 2 months maternity.
With a baby.

And you will never (almost never!) hear a single excuse coming out of my mouth.
Because a while back I started to own what I say to myself.
I either make a choice or I don't.
But I don't blame anyone or anything for why my life is the way it is.

It's not the nanny's fault or because a few people are on holidays in Spain that you're not hitting your income months.
Hint: get a bigger pipeline!

This topic really fires me up because these excuses get in the way of YOU have everything you want.
If you want to make August your best earning month while people are on vacation, then join me.
This August might be my best income month in 2019. Drop the mic.

Look, coaching is about mindset.
It's about upgrading the software in our minds so we can literally think and become a new, improved self.

The reason coaching is so effective is because I, your amazing coach, listen for bullshit. Seriously.

I listen for the excuses. The limiting beliefs. The fears. The bullshit.

Anything that's going to stop YOU from going for it.

And then we go full force and create new stories, new ways of thinking, new ways of being, so that you can be the joyful 6-figure+ entrepreneur that you want to be.

I've got a newborn. I've got a great husband. A house. A thriving business. I travel. And yes, all of these are priorities that I manage in my schedule and daily life. But ultimately I manage them in my mindset.

I've started only coaching between certain hours so I don't need to be away from Liam for more than 6-7 hours per day.
That's my choice.
And I realized that in the process, I had to stop accommodating other people's in my schedule.
I had to reschedule that prospects discovery call even though I thought I could 'lose' them.
Bullshit. If I lose them because I have to reschedule then how are we going to work together for 3-6 months?!
The ideal clients make time and work with me, not against me.

I had to take control back.
And so now I get baby Liam all the time AND happy clients.

So how about you?
Would you be interested to stop the BS coming out of your mouth?!
What if you stopped making excuses?
What if you arranged your life so that you can be successful in the areas that mattered most?

I REALLY want this for you.
Like, bad.

What you need to try and do is observe your thoughts. Listen to what you're saying to people about why you will/will not do a certain thing. Really pay attention.
You might scare yourself.
And that's ok because only at that point can you truly change.

So what excuse will you never say again?! HIT REPLY and tell me.

Lots of love,

P.S. Let's put an end to your excuses. Book a complimentary 90 minute discovery session with me and together we'll clear out all the bullshit!

Tracey Livingston