Why One Entrepreneur Flourishes And The Other Fails

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I see it time and time again. I'll have 2 entrepreneurs with the same type of business, similar education and credentials and radically different incomes. One entrepreneur is creating $100k, $250k and growing. The other is barely creating $2k-5k months (if that).

How can 2 people with the same business and similar backgrounds not achieve the same financial returns? It's obvious. I think you'll see why.

The first entrepreneur BELIEVES passionately in their business. They ooze confidence and self-belief in everything they do. They speak as if they already have success. They connect with their audience of 10 the same as if they're speaking to an audience of 1,000. They have massive trust and faith that things are working out for them. And they put all of their intention and energy into their actions.

The second entrepreneur DOESN'T REALLY BELIEVE their business will work. They aren't confident (even though they should be!) and doubt their abilities. They clam up in their throat chakra when speaking because they don't see success so they don't think it's possible. They feel bad to 'only' have an audience of 10 and don't deliver passionately to them -- so an audience of 1,000 starts to feel far away. On and on and on I can go.

What do you notice as I write out this case study? What's the difference in these 2 entrepreneurs?!

They've got the same education. Same credentials. Virtually the same business model. Except it's clear right?! The difference is what's going on in their minds, underneath 'the hood' so to speak.

As a coach I can SEE all of the limitless potential that's in the second entrepreneur. I KNOW that if they stop believing these crazy stories, these unfounded beliefs and start to create a new story and belief system -- that they can start to step into financial success and a thriving business.

Most people want success and want to know HOW. I'm telling you -- this is how.

Whatever operating system you're running in your mind is going to spit out certain results in your life.

If you radically tackle your beliefs about lack: abundance will start to flow in.

If you radically tackle your nerves of connecting to people: clients will flow in.

If you radically tackle your fear: then you'll start to feel joyful and much more joyful opportunities will flow in.

So if you want to be on the big stage, start to show up fully on the small stage!

If you want $250k in your business in 2020, then start believing and showing up as if it's possible right now!

The more you do the work 'under the hood' -- I promise you will see everything shift in your business.

Want to work on this?!

  1. I recommend you read Breaking the Habit of Being Yourself, by Dr Joe Dispenza. This book and the exercises within it will CHANGE. YO. LIFE.

  2. It's time to become a No Limit Person, as Dr. Wayne Dyer says.

  3. Ask yourself this powerful coaching question -- if for one day ____(lack, fear, worry) wasn't guiding my decisions, what would I do? How would I feel? What actions would I be taking?

I love you, let's go.



Tracey Livingston