Why You Need To Do A Team Retreat Day This September

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As many of you may know, Chris is the co-founder and Director of Finance and Strategy for TraceyLiv Ltd. He's been one of THE driving forces behind TraceyLiv Ltd and why the business has taken off since its founding.I am truly grateful for his time, talents and energy.

He is also my husband.

We are married, have a 4-month old baby and we run a business together.

Lord help us, right?! lol

In actuality, we work really well together. We both have our strengths and gives we bring to the business. And they're very different from each other - which is a good thing.

YEP we have our challenges but that's for another post!

With being married we've had a bad habit of talking about the business on the fly. Whenever we felt like it: over dinner, out to drinks on the Thames, on the tube.

Except recently we've realized we need to create space for the business. We started holding more team meetings and yesterday we had our first full-day team retreat at The Conduit Club in Mayfair.

It was an incredible day.

We worked for 6 hours on the next 1-2 year vision of TraceyLiv Ltd.

We came to consensus and agreed on the direction of the business, who would work on what, our priorities, our focus and so much more. Instead of working IN the business, we worked ON the business.

Those 6 hours of time to dream and image, to set a vision and focus on what we want in the future was immensely important.

If we didn't do it -- then we would just keep hitting repeat on what we do today. We wouldn't evolve or grow. And TraceyLiv Ltd wouldn't grow to the stage it's meant to grow. Which is ummm BIG!

How about you? How about your vision, your future? How can you create a strategy and plan if you don't know where you're going?

What I recommend is this:

  • Take a retreat day for yourself, your team and with your coach or mentor.

  • Get your "leg-up" team together to start dreaming and imaging it's vision.

  • Start to call in bigger ideas, bigger projects and an even better way of working.

  • Talk to your team and get on the same page with what you're doing.


Space is a feminine energy and is necessary in order for us to take powerful action (masculine).

If all we do is do, do, do (masculine), we can never fully align to our truth, our knowing and our innate calling.

So look at your calendar right now.

When can you do a half day or full-day retreat with your team, with your coach/mentor?

Who do you want to be involved?

How can you make this day intentional and powerful for yourself?

Right now, pick a date for your retreat day.

Give yourself that space to dream and imagine.

I promise MORE is going to come out of it than you think.

Want help in this arena?!

All of my VIP Kick-off days have a section on:

  1. Creating a powerful VISION,

  2. Setting GOALS WITH SOUL,

  3. MINDSET COACHING for your inner growth and


You don't need to do it all yourself. Stay in your lane. Work with someone who can pull you up higher into new levels you didn't realize was possible. This is my life's work and passion.

Email me "YES I want a VIP Kickoff day in September!" If you're ready to get started. Or book a 90-minute discovery session with me to experience coaching and learn more.

Let's go.



Tracey Livingston