Understanding your Conflict Styles in the Workplace [February 21]

Understanding your Conflict Styles in the Workplace [February 21]

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Thursday February 21, 9:30am - 5pm
Marylebone, London W1
Strictly 16 spaces available.

“Conflict is a natural phenomenon, neither inherently good or bad, but there may be positive or negative outcomes .” - United States Institute of Peace

How do you tend to respond to conflicts in the workplace: with colleagues and customers, stakeholders, structures, policies?

In today’s landscape, leaders must be increasingly adept at navigating conflicts with varying levels of complexity, stakeholders and nuance, often with widespread implications.

If done well, leaders can use conflict situations as birthplaces of innovation, creativity, open-communication, evolving policies, and happy staff members and loyal customers.

If conflicts aren’t addressed or addressed adequately, organizations can face widespread challenges that impact company culture / morale, absenteeism, loss of talent, low performance, burnout, and/or loss of communication, to name a few.

Knowing how you handle conflict situations, and gaining new tools, skills and awareness for approaching conflicts differently, can help you make better choices that lead to more desirable outcomes for yourself and your organization.

Training Goals

This highly experiential full-day training is based on certified curriculum with Thomas Kilmann Diagnostics, and is geared to enable leaders, managers, trainers, and consultants to deepen their knowledge and skills on conflict resolution, with the goal to create positive outcomes for themselves and their companies.

Participants will take the TKI assessment to learn their preferred conflict handling modes and use this assessment throughout the training for a more personalized experience.

By the end of this training, you will be able to:

  1. Identify the impact of bias on conflict management

  2. Use a systematic approach to reading a situation 

  3. Apply the TKI Individual assessment to enhance self-awareness and personal growth

  4. Outline how the self and the company systems fit into The Big Picture

  5. Differentiate between functional and dysfunctional expressions of the five conflict modes

  6. Recognize that all modes are available to all people at all times

  7. Understand the TKI Conflict Model and use it to understand many conflict situations

Below is a summary of some of the topics that will be covered:

Training Outline

  • What is conflict, why is it important and what is our role?

  • The Five Modes of Conflict

  • Using and Choosing the Modes

  • Dysfunctional & Functional Expressions

  • Interpreting your Individual TKI Profile

  • Inside Group dynamics

Who is this training for?

This training is for individuals at all levels of an organization, as well as entrepreneurs and business owners. When more individuals at all levels of an organization become aware of themselves and how to resolve conflicts in new ways, the better off their company is as a whole.


The price of the training is £500 per person, which includes:

  • One TKI assessment administered by Kilmann Diagnostics; a certified, recognized global leader in conflict resolution

  • The Training Manual. This manual provides an image of every presentation slide that is used in the training, with ample space for taking notes.

  • Refreshments throughout the training (you are responsible for travel & lunch).

Email questions or comments to tracey@traceyliv.com

‘The conflict resolution training was very fruitful for me as an employee and on a personal level. Tracey created a comfortable environment for us to learn through exercises and by hearing from others. Being aware of my actions and also how my actions may be perceived, is a very powerful tool.’ - Dina Masri, Padico

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