Set Your Goals & Intentions with TraceyLiv [Next e-course Aug 30]

Set Your Goals & Intentions with TraceyLiv [Next e-course Aug 30]

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Monthly course dates

Thursday August 30, 2018 [September Goals]
Monday October 1, 2018 [October Goals]
Thursday November 1, 2018 [November Goals]
Monday December 3, 2018 [December Goals]
Thursday January 3, 2019 [January Goals]

4pm London time // 11AM EST // 6PM Doha
This is a 90-minute, fully online course run via Zoom.

“Your intentions create the reality you experience. Until you become aware of this, the reality you experience happens unconsciously. Therefore, be mindful of what you project. What is your true intention?” - Gary Zukav, Seat of the Soul

🙌You're invited! 🙌

There’s no better way to start the month than by giving yourself an hour to work with a high performance coach.

No matter the size & scale of your business or dreams, if you aren't regularly clear on your goals and what you truly want, you can self sabatoge your success and/or block money, clients, opportunities, health and joy from coming in at it's fullest potential.

In this e-course, get ready to grab a pen & paper and enjoy a lively demonstration with TraceyLiv, a globally recognized certified coach, spiritual counsel, speaker, trainer and TV/Film personality!

Course Includes:

✔TraceyLiv will walk you through how she and her private clients set goals & intentions each month,

✔Learn how to to skyrocket your outcomes and results by setting GREAT goals [think more $, clients, love, health, joy]

✔Gain clarity and direction on what to focus on in August,

✔Get inspiration from TraceyLiv related to the Law of Attraction, spiritual growth and business development.

I look forward to seeing you in the course!
xx, TraceyLiv

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