The Center of Self Esteem: The Solar Plexus (April 13, 2018)

The Center of Self Esteem: The Solar Plexus (April 13, 2018)


Friday April 13, 2018 from 12pm-5pm

Marylebone, London

So many people requested I run a course on the Solar here it is! You're invited to join TraceyLiv for a full-day of coaching and energywork focusing on the Solar Plexus.

The Solar Plexus is the center of self esteem, self confidence, ambition, courage, instincts, intuition and self-discipline.

It's the center where you learn that you alone are meant to provide yourself confidence, self esteem, approval and discipline rather than seeking or needing the approval of others to generate your sense of self and self worth. This includes all areas of life; your self worth in your career, your finances, your hobbies, your love life, your relationships, your body image, your health.

This chakra is located above the belly button and it's color is yellow. When imbalanced, you can guess what kind of challenges arise in a person's life: eating disorders, anxiety, constant stress, lack of self esteem/self worth, not 'standing on your own two feet'.

Join me for this powerful course, as the Solar Plexus has been the chakra I've worked on most in my 13+ years as an energyworker -- and a person with a healed and energized Solar Plexus is freakin' POWER, JOY & LOVE.

You will leave the course with heightened awareness about your life, feel more connected and grounded spiritually to yourself and others, and have clear action steps to move your life forward.

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