Entrepreneur Success

A 6 Month Group Coaching Program and retreat for entrepreneurs

Early Bird discounts available now until December 19, 2010 - Savings of at least £1,000! Join now!


BONUS: The first 5 people to pay and join will get a 1-hour deep dive coaching session with me before the group starts!

Are you an entrepreneur determined to hit your 6-7 figure income goals in 2020?!

Are you ready to become a more powerful version of yourself?

Would you love being part of an exclusive global entrepreneur network, with people who have similar business aspirations as you?

You’re in the right place. Let’s get there together.

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Why I created this program:

After coaching hundreds of entrepreneurs, no matter the person’s gender, their length of time running a business, their level of success, they all had the same challenges:

“I’m alone in my business.” “There’s so much noise online, I’m not sure what’s right for me.” “I’m not around other people who dream big like me.” “I have no one to bounce ideas off of.” “I don’t have help when I’m facing a challenge or losing momentum".

This feedback is why I created this group program. Collectively we go further together.

✔ You’ll be supported to hit 6-7 figures and your most important goals in 2020.

✔ You’ll have sounding boards to help improve your mindset and performance.

✔ And you’re guaranteed to take bolder, braver and bigger actions.

Keep reading to find out more about what we’ll do together.


What’s the format of the group calls?

TRAINING TOPIC. We will start each call with a training topic related to BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT, UPGRADING YOUR MINDSET, or PERFORMANCE HACKS. Each topic is pretty much guaranteed to give you immediate breakthroughs and shifts on how you think, feel and act in your business.

COACHING MODULES. Next we’ll dive into coaching modules, questions and exercises related to the training topic for you to complete during & after the call. Our goal here is that you start to apply the content specifically to your business and create powerful actions you can take after the call.

Q&A AND LIVE COACHING OPPORTUNITIES. We’ll finish with a good chunk of time dedicated to Q&A. You’ll submit questions to me prior to the call which I’ll address, and group members will have the chance to hop on and get coaching from me.


Here are some of the training & coaching topics we’ll cover on our LIVE calls:

  • Creating your 2020 VISION and setting powerful GOALS & intentions

  • Aligning your business goals to your LIFESTYLE GOALS

  • Getting clear and powerful with your PRICING (many of you will increase your prices in the first month of the program)

  • Upgrading your mindset around MONEY, wealth and abundance

  • Clarity on your MESSAGING to call in your dream clients

  • Developing a clear STRATEGY to hit your goals and vision

  • Getting incredible at SALES and hearing YES from new clients

  • How to keep your MOMENTUM through the highs and trials of entrepreneurship (the power of the group is going to be your biggest asset here - we won’t let you stay in a tough spot for long)

  • TIME management and productivity hacks for the fully booked entrepreneur

  • Getting VISIBLE and how to show up as your brand & business

  • Building healthy habits for SELF TALK and your BELIEF systems

  • and so much more. The goal is that we cover REAL topics with REAL coaching exercises that produce TANGIBLE results in your business & life :)

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About Your Coach, TraceyLiv

Business Success: In my first year of business I made $100k revenues and in my second year I doubled that to $200k. Since founding TraceyLiv, I’ve coached 1000’s of hours with entrepreneurs from around the world — meaning I’ve learned a thing or two about business and how people create massive results!

In addition, I train corporate leaders in coaching & conflict resolution and hold client VIP days around the world. I’m a regular speaker and moderator to help spread my expertise to others.

Credentials and education: You’re in good hands — I’m an ICF Accredited Coach (the gold-standard in coaching) and am the only licensed organization with Kilmann Diagnostics to lead conflict resolution workshops in Europe, Africa and the Middle East.

Plus, I’ve got nearly 10 years professional experience working in Washington, DC and absolutely love learning; with a Masters in Public Policy and dual Bachelor’s degrees in Psychology and Political Science.

My intention: To stretch you and challenge you to grow so that you make more money, reach more people and make a bigger impact on the world. I truly believe we need everyone doing their life’s purpose to collectively make this world a better place. My purpose is to help you get there.

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The 6-Month Coaching Program Includes:

2-hour kick-off launch session on Tuesday January 14, 2020 at 4:30pm GMT / 11:30am EST!

12 group coaching sessions with TraceyLiv (2x/month) beginning Tuesday January 21, 2020 (all calls will be held on Tuesdays on the 1st and 3rd weeks of every month at at 4:30pm GMT / 11:30am EST)

Exclusive weekend retreat in New York City, USA on May 1-2, 2020 (complimentary tickets, you’ll cover additional expenses ie. transportation/accommodations)

Private Facebook group access for ongoing engagement with TraceyLiv and to connect with fellow group members

Email access to TraceyLiv to submit your questions for group calls

✔ BONUS: You’ll take a personalized TKI Assessment and get trained in conflict resolution

BONUS: You’ll participate in group challenges & pairs work to speed up results 😊

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New York City Retreat: May 1-2, 2020!

You’re invited! Join your fellow group members and myself in New York City for an in-person coaching retreat!

Networking reception on Friday May 1, 2020 and full-day of coaching at a gorgeous venue in New York City on May 2, 2020.


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Program Investment: 6 Month Group Program

Early Bird Offer until December 19, 2019

£3,750 pay-in-full (saving of £1,000!) or 3x installments of £2,000, £1,250, £1,250 (saving of £1,250!).

OR for my fellow Americans… $4,850 pay-in-full (saving of $1,350!) or 3x installments of $2,500, $1,500, $1,500 (saving of $1,500!).

Regular Rates payable between December 20, 2019 - January 8, 2020

£4,750 pay-in-full or 3x installments of £2,750, £1,500, £1,500

OR in USD…$6,200 pay-in-full or 3x installments of $3,000, $2,000, $2,000

I’m here to remind you that YOU are the most important asset in your business.

Ready to say YES and join Entrepreneur Success?!


Your contribution

For every 3 people who sign up for this program, collectively we will sponsor a sister with Women for Women International. As you grow your business, so will a woman around the world. I am personally proud to support this global charity to pay it forward.




Is this program for me?

If you didn’t get everything you needed from this landing page — The best way to find out if this program is the right fit for you is to hold a 30-minute call with me. I will never sell you anything you don’t need, want or are ready for. It won’t hurt to hop on a call, meet me, ask your questions and we can take it from there. Book your call here.

What kind of people will be joining the group?

Group participants will be entrepreneurs who are coachable, motivated, positive and ready to hit their goals in 2020. They’ll be from different industries, stages in business, countries and interests. This is NOT groupthink! The diversity of the group is going to be it’s secret weapon – and where the power comes from.

Will I get 1:1 support from Tracey?

Every participant will have email access to Tracey to submit questions to be answered/explored on the calls. You’ll be able to ask questions via video/post on Facebook as well. Additionally, there will be opportunities to hop on our group sessions to get coached by Tracey, but not on every call. This program largely asks you to be self-directed and self-motivated, so if you feel more personalized support is necessary then please consider other options. If you feel you’d prefer to talk with me directly and get coaching on the exact goals and challenges you have for your unique business– please apply for a 1:1 coaching program.

Is this strictly coaching?

No this won’t be strictly coaching. It will be a blend of coaching, training and mentorship. Coaching in my opinion is a 1:1 experience and is when the focus is on YOU and you get asked powerful questions, speak out loud and I coach you specifically to dive deeper into your situation. Given this is a group program, there isn’t time for everyone to get the 1:1 coaching attention to make this a pure coaching experience. However, I will do my best each session to ask you powerful coaching questions, provide tons of coaching resources and provide live coaching on each call we do together. 😊

Do I need to have a business to join the group?

It’s important that you at least have a business idea for this group and are ready to launch that business in 2020. If you need a lot of support getting clarity on your services, messaging, strategy, prices and so forth then I recommend you become a 1:1 client. That is the best way to get everything you need. This is a group and you can think of it as a yoga or crossfit class: there are multiple levels in one room and you can ‘scale the pose’ depending on your particular situation. Each session will have an overarching coach training topic where you’ll get tons of wisdom, knowledge and ideas – and then you’ll do the coaching modules and tailor them to your particular business situation.

What if I don’t hit my goals?

First I want to ask you, what if you do hit your goals? I joined a group coaching program when I first started my business and got the ROI in my first month! I created 6-figures that year and I still have great connections to the people in that program.

If you have belief and faith, you show up 1000% and go through every coaching call, complete every exercise, do work in between sessions, engage in the facebook group, stretch yourself to become better and show up even when it gets tough — then there’s no way you can’t reach many of your goals.

What I can convey to you is two things: I can’t do the work for you and this is NOT a quick fix. Only you can do the work and grow at your own pace. In the end, no one can ever guarantee results. Building a 6-7 figure business takes grit, determination and while I feel it’s the most rewarding of all, it’s definitely not an easy, linear path.

What you can rest assured is that I’ll bring 1000% of myself to each call, to creating every course module, to all the coaching prompts you receive, to our in-person retreats and to engaging in the facebook group. I know that if you bring 1000% to the program, then results MUST happen for you.  Sound good?!

Do I need to join the Facebook group?

I highly recommend you join the private Facebook group to stay updated on announcements, submit Q&As to be answered by TraceyLiv, to post videos & content, to be accountable and to interact with the amazing network. But in the end of course not, you’re never forced to do anything :)

Are there Refunds?

There are no refunds for the group coaching program. You’ll have access to all the group benefits as listed above throughout the entire 6 month program.

What if I have other questions?

Please hop on a 30 minute call with me so I can answer your specific questions.

One final word

The foundation of this group rests on two things: ACCOUNTABILITY & GROWTH. My goal is that you create financial results in business just as much as you grow personally as an entrepreneur.

You will not be alone for the next 6 months. You’ll have scheduled calls to look forward to and constant engagement from your group members and myself in the facebook group.

You’re going to grow a lot. You’re going to learn tons of new information, new resources, new ideas and take very new (and bold!) action. Trust me, you’re not going to recognize yourself in 6 months time. You’re going to be operating at a higher version of yourself.

Plus I hope you make a friend or two along the way 😊. I can’t wait to have you part of the network.

Lots of love xx, TraceyLiv