Leading change through coaching, conflict resolution & communication

Hi! I'm TraceyLiv...

MY VISION is a world where every human being freely realizes, pursues and lives out their life’s purpose and calling.

To do this, MY MISSION is to reach 1 million people through coaching, training and speaking and support them to expand their consciousness and live out their life’s purpose.

MY INTENTION behind every action, thought and feeling is to support people like you to be empowered to realize and act on their highest potential.

What I VALUE most is growth, joy, love, connection, freedom and laughter.


1 Client = 1 Sponsorship

For every new client who signs on for a coaching program, TraceyLiv Ltd will sponsor a sister with Women for Women International. As each new client grows and develops, so will a woman around the world. I am personally proud to support this global charity to pay it forward.


Corporate Consulting Culture & Change Management, Rawabi City, Palestine 2019

Corporate Consulting Culture & Change Management, Rawabi City, Palestine 2019


I’m proud to bring the following certifications, advanced education, and professional experiences to the work I do. I invest annually in my own growth vis-a-vis coaching and relevant certifications and qualifications.

  • ICF Associate Certified Coach, International Coach Federation

  • Licensed organization delivering TKI Conflict Resolution Workshops on behalf of Kilmann Diagnostics

  • Certification in Conflict Management and Change Management, Kilmann Diagnostics

  • MPP, Master in Public Policy, American University

  • BS & BA degrees, Psychology and Political Science, Bridgewater State University

  • 10 years professional experience in Washington, DC

  • Reiki Master & Spiritual Mentor, EnergyMatters


My Story

When people ask me: why did you become a coach? What led you to run your own business? And how the heck did you land corporate work in Palestine?!

I have to confess a secret: becoming an entrepreneur, founding TraceyLiv Ltd in 2017, and running a global coaching, corporate training and speaking business was far from planned.

Most of the credit for how my life unfolds goes straight to serendipity and fate — a phenomenon that I’ve trusted and listened to for the majority of my life.

For nearly a decade prior to founding TraceyLiv Ltd, I graduated with a dual Undergraduate degree in Political Science and Psychology, nearly Minoring in Philosophy, and I jumped on the corporate career path; working in Washington, DC in international education, nonprofits and higher education.

My career focused on the human element: team leadership, operations, coaching & mentoring, diversity & inclusion, intercultural communication, and conflict resolution as a licensed organization with Kilmann Diagnostics.

I’ve always loved traveling, and in 2009 I was an International Facilitator at Insight Dubai’s Global Women’s Leaders Conference and in 2010 traveled to Israel/Palestine for a Graduate study course on Identity & Politics. I received my Masters in Public Policy and International Development from American University in 2012.

Then in 2015, fate really took the wheel and tested my levels of trust. I traveled to London on holidays and ended up meeting my now-husband at a pub in Marylebone.

For 15 months we dated long-distance, and in 2016 I decided to quit my Team Lead position at an esteemed company, fly across the ocean and start a brand-new chapter in my life.

When I arrived to London, I couldn’t legally work on a tourist visa and was temporarily prevented from applying to corporate jobs. Instead of focusing on how bad this might be for my career and financial earnings, I found myself sitting in coffeeshops and parks, giving myself the space to think and dream of what I really wanted to do with my life.

Through another bout of serendipity, I got connected to a coaching & leadership company in Qatar, and flew 3x in a year to qualify for my Associate Certified Coaching Credential with the International Coach Federation.

During my pursuit to obtain my first 100 coaching hours, I fell deeply in love with coaching, the impact it makes on people’s lives, and the possibility for being an entrepreneur as a vessel for me to live out my own vision, mission and values.

I realized I wasn’t meant to work in a company for someone else’s agenda my whole life. I was meant to be the director of my own work, my time, who I work with and what I do.

And thus the birth of TraceyLiv Ltd — which has become the vehicle for me to pursue and live out my life’s purpose and calling.

Since 2017 I’ve had the pleasure of coaching hundreds of individuals from around the world, lead corporate training’s and consultancy contracts in London, the USA and the Middle East, and to speak and engage with the diversity of humanity.

All of my work is influenced by my love of spirituality and living the universal principle All Are One. I’ve studied and practiced eastern medicine, became a Reiki Master and am an avid lover of all things related to spirituality, philosophy, neuroscience, naturopathic approaches and related disciplines.

In addition to my core work, in 2018, I served as a lead coach and film personality in on an Amazon Prime documentary with LavoieFilms, called The Retreat, airing summer 2019.

To learn more about my core services, please do explore my 1:1 Coaching Programs, book a discovery call, and connect with me via tracey@traceyliv.com for training, speaking engagements and PR opportunities.

Thank you for your support and I look forward to connecting with you.

Cheers, xx