Coaching entrepreneurs & leaders to evolve in their businesses and lives

Hi! I'm TraceyLiv...

My vision is to support 1 million people evolve in their consciousness and live out their soul’s purpose.

To do this, my mission is to become a house-hold name in the coaching & training fields by creating transformative spaces and experiences that ignite deep self-exploration, inner growth and lasting change.

My intention behind every action, thought and feeling I have, is to support people like you to realize and then act on their highest potential.

What I value most is growth, joy, love, freedom and laughter.


I’d like to start the About Me section with a preface: becoming an entrepreneur and founding TraceyLiv Ltd wasn’t a planned event.

For nearly a decade prior, I had graduated with a dual Undergraduate degree in Political Science and Psychology, and took the traditional corporate career path; working in Washington, DC in international education, nonprofits and higher education.

My professional career focused on team leadership, operations, coaching & mentoring, diversity & inclusion, intercultural communication, and conflict resolution with the Thomas-Kilmann Diagnostic.

In 2015, I traveled to London on holidays and through a miraculous stint of serendipity, I bumped into my now-husband at a pub in Marylebone. After 15 months of flying between Washington, DC and London, our long-distance relationship ended when I decided to quit my Team Lead position at an esteemed company and to move across the ocean for love (adorable, I know!).

When I arrived to London, I couldn’t legally work on a tourist visa. Instead of focusing on how bad this might be for my career and financial earnings, I found myself sitting in coffeeshops and parks, giving myself the space to think and dream of what I really wanted to do with my life.

Through another bout of serendipity (a common occurrence in my life), I got connected to a coaching & leadership company in Qatar, and flew 3x in a year to qualify for my Associate Certified Coaching Credential with the International Coach Federation (the ICF is the only independent globally-recognized credentialing program and it’s rigorous curriculum takes roughly 1 year to complete).

During my pursuit to obtain my first 100 coaching hours, I fell deeply in love with coaching, the impact it makes on people’s lives, and the possibility for being an entrepreneur as a vessel for me to live out my own vision, mission and values. The decision was easy and in 2017, I founded TraceyLiv Ltd.

Since then, I leaped head-first into the entrepreneurial space and never looked back. I’ve had the pleasure of coaching hundreds of individuals around the world, from diverse professional fields, nationalities and backgrounds — all of which share one crucial commonality: they’re all on a quest for inner enlightenment and outer success.

One of my other joys of business is bringing people together for trainings, courses and corporate consultancy services in London, the USA and Palestine. And in 2018, I served as a lead coach in on a documentary with LavoieFilms, called The Retreat, airing on Amazon Prime summer 2019.

I’m proud of my strong academic background, having completed a Masters in Public Policy from American University, Washington, DC and a dual BS in Psychology and BA in Political Science from Bridgewater State University. 

Since 2005 I’ve studied and practiced eastern medicine, reiki, spirituality, energy healing and naturopathic medicine. I’m a strong believer and advocate that to be joyful, healthy and pursue our passions, we must be connected to a higher level of consciousness. And this can be attained when we go beyond the mind and into alternative fields of study.

To learn more about my core services, please do explore my 1:1 Coaching Program and connect with me via for training, speaking engagements and PR opportunities.

Sending you lots of good energy and love, xxx




  • Globally recognized Associate Certified Coach (ACC), International Coach Federation (ICF)

  • 10 years professional experience in nonprofits, international education and higher education

  • Master of Public Policy (MPP), International Relations, American University

  • BA Psychology, Bridgewater State University

  • BS Political Science, Bridgewater State University

  • Reiki Master, holistic healer and energyworker (primarily chakra healing)

  • Intergroup Dialogue & Conflict Resolution, Thomas Kilman Diagnostic (TKI), American University

  • Diversity & Inclusion trainings and programmes, American University