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Everyone loves social proof that the work we do creates meaningful shifts, changes and results in the lives of others. Please enjoy my soul-ful clients’ stories and testimonials of how coaching & spirituality has supported them reach new heights.

After our VIP day and just 2 coaching sessions — I’ve created a brand new website, new copy, new services and new prices, which have gone up considerably. I’ve regained control of my time and took my first vacation in 3 years.
— Emma, London
If you are where I am, starting a business, who has ideas so big that when you say them out loud people side-eye you, and just feel like you need someone who is all about you and is 100% on your side, you need to speak to Tracey.

After every call, I feel like I leave with so much new information that I could take on the world! I am in the very beginning stages of starting a business. I am also in the stage where I know I can do it, it’s just figuring out how to manifest it correctly, control my energy and how I step out of one lifestyle and into the next.

I can’t explain how amazing Tracey’s energy is and how she manages to get past the surface of what you are feeling in such a short amount of time.
— Claire, London
Tracey has been a transformational driving force in my life for the last 6 months. What she has enabled me to do has been truly priceless in every way and I barely recognise the person I was when I started out on my coaching journey!!

I have LOVE LOVE LOVED working with her. This is exactly the type of person you want as a coach, so committed to her craft and exceptionally professional in every way.
— Sarah, Oman
Tracey is my soul sister, my root chakra . I was in a dark place in my life & Tracey lifted me up and opened up a whole new world to me.

She guided me into transforming my understanding of myself - shifting out of my false self to a more true authentic self. I keep her energy & voice with me even after our work together at ALL times & it brings nothing but more light & higher vibration. This then manifests itself in a variety of ways, such as better opportunities, deeper insights, and more motivation.
— Savannah, USA
The sessions have been great. Lots of positives came from coaching because the accountability allowed me to stick to most of my resolutions so really pleased with progress.

I have put up boundaries and I totally agree with Tracey that it’s me I need to change, not others. I have come leaps and bounds and am happy to be verbal when I need to and take control so I have the strength and control over how I feel and the confidence to just be myself and know who I am. Thank you!
— Rich, London
Tracey is amazing at what she does. Energyworker is exactly right as she has an infectious magnetic energy about her and offers advice that will help you move forward in your business and life.

I wouldn’t be where a I am now without the clarity of purpose I gained when I worked with her. If you take on a coach you need someone who’s in your corner supporting, encouraging and holding you accountable all the way, which is what Tracey does.
— Dionne, London
I recently had the pleasure of a 121 coaching session with Tracey, which was invaluable. Tracey gets straight to the heart of the matter and by the time I had left the session I felt empowered and had achieved focus and clarity in relation to my current business offering.

If you are looking for a business / career coach I can 100% recommend Tracey as she is highly personable, business savvy, empathetic and intuitive. You will leave feeling inspired and motivated and ready to achieve your life goals. Thank you Tracey for putting me on the right track!
— Jennifer, London
Tracey’s coaching has helped me get to the core of what truly makes my soul thrive. Before coaching, my mind and spirit were always in discord and I always felt anxiety and nervousness. I had difficulty getting through the week because I never had a clear outlook from juggling uncertainty in my friendships and relationships.

Within our coaching sessions, we began to identify where my problem areas were and the healing began from there. Tracey used visualization method to help me envision the person I want to be. Then she asked me what actions I could take to become that person. She always focused on affirmative language and steered clear of reinforcing negative language.

Today, I have developed the tool of creating better boundaries and allowing people into my life who honor my best self! Instead of trying to change others, I change who I let into my life. We laughed together, we cried together, but most importantly, we walked through my healing journey together! Thank you so much, Tracey, :D
— Jalita, USA
Working with TraceyLiv (by attending her The Power of Choice: The Fifth Chakra Wookshop) created such a big transformational shift in me in just one day!!

I started the day knowing that I wanted to be able to speak more easily in all situations but not knowing what was holding me back. I left knowing exactly what had been blocking me from speaking my truth, where it had come from and the new choices and actions I was going to take as a result of this newfound deeper awareness of myself. As a result of this my confidence increased tenfold in just 6 hours, truly amazing!

Tracey’s manner is simply fantastic! I found her so approachable, understanding and easy to work with. She’s an absolute delight and I would (and have) recommend her to anyone.
— Kate, London
Tracey’s Coaching, Spirituality & Networking course was a revelation. The models she used really opened my eyes to all the different elements involved in the choices we make and how they come together to bring balance. Since the course the building example has helped me break my internal dialogue and make better choices.
— Emma, London