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TraceyLiv Ltd is a licensed organization with Kilmann Diagnostics (KD) delivering TKI Conflict Resolution Workshops. We are the only KD licensed organization currently serving Europe, the Middle East and Africa.

Tracey delivers 1-day, 2-day and immersive trainings and workshops on conflict resolution, coaching, culture and communication to support your teams and organizations to operate at their highest potential.

Training Offerings

  • TKI Conflict Resolution Workshops licensed organization with Kilmann Diagnostics

  • Coaching Skills - International Coach Federation

  • Creating Coaching Cultures

  • Change Management: Culture, Skills and Teams


Understanding your Conflict Styles in the Workplace

This highly experiential full-day training is licensed with Kilmann Diagnostics, and is geared to enable leaders, managers, trainers, and consultants to deepen their knowledge and skills on conflict resolution, with the goal to create positive outcomes for themselves and their companies.

Participants will take the TKI assessment to learn their preferred conflict handling modes and use this assessment throughout the training for a more personalized experience.

By the end of this training, participants will be able to:

  1. Identify the 5 modes of conflict management

  2. Use a systematic approach to reading a conflict or challenging situation 

  3. Apply the TKI Individual assessment to enhance self-awareness and personal growth

  4. Differentiate between functional and dysfunctional expressions of the five conflict modes

  5. Recognize that all 5 modes are behavioral and we’re meant to interchange between them at all times

  6. Understand the TKI Conflict Model and use it to understand many conflict situations

Creating a Coaching Culture

In this highly experiential full-day training, participants will learn fundamental coaching skills, coaching theory and how to effectively coach their team members.  They will receive practical and immediate tools to enhance their communication, give constructive feedback, practice active listening and how to support the growth and potential of their team members.

This training can be geared for various levels and audiences, including HR and delivering effective performance reviews. It can be held for 1 or across multiple days, depending on the depth of skill-building and practicum coaching simulations experiences you’re seeking.

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“Tracey knows how to ask the right question in order to lead and trigger me to think of very firm plans, decisions and actions. I highly recommend to take training’s with Tracey if you’d like to develop yourself, career and life.” - Jack Nassar, Rawabi Foundation

“Thank you Tracey for showing what a difference a day can make, for challenging my views and planting a seed for finding the strength to make a change.” - Anna-Liisa Tampuu, Head of Risk Analysis for a Global Emergency Response Company

“The coaching and conflict resolution training was very fruitful for me as an employee and on a personal level as well. Being aware of my actions and also how my actions may be perceived, is a very powerful tool. I think the experience was very influential and I hope to use the tools I’ve gained to continue to understand myself and my interactions better.’ - Dina Masri, Padico