The Emerald Coaching Program

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The Emerald Coaching Program is an integrative framework of professional coaching and energywork...for people who are ready to feel incredible in their business and life.

I'm curious, do you have a vision for how you'd like your life to be, in your business, health, wealth or relationships?

Have you been experiencing challenges or avoiding taking action, and you're ready to resolve what's keeping you stuck?

Are you ready to do the deep, inner work necessary to experience a profound level of peace, happiness & love for yourself?

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If you're saying yes to any of these questions, you're in the right place.

The Emerald Coaching Program integrates the professions of coaching and energywork to allow you to reach new levels of personal growth, awakening, healing and success. My goal is to support you to create newfound abundance, freedom, love and joy in your life.

How does that sound? If this sounds like it may be a good fit, you're invited to experience a complimentary call. It is by application only with the intention to give you immediate takeaways. Here is a quote from a recent call I did:

// Holding the call with Tracey was the best conversation I've had with anyone in my entire life.  I went from hesitation and fear about my income to 3x'ing my projected revenue in just 90 minutes. I feel more empowered as a business owner than ever before and I now believe that success is possible for me.  I highly recommend you book a call. //

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As a client, you're in the driver's seat to create your desired reality. You will benefit from creating the following outcomes in your life, and much more. Are you ready to...?:

  • Gain momentum and success in your business, wealth/finances, career, love life, relationships, and/or health & wellbeing?
  • Create powerful ways forward and take regular action toward achieving success?
  • Make decisions that are connected to your highest wisdom and spiritual self?
  • Experience distance healing, visualizations and energywork that can support to heal your body and calm your mind?
  • Maintain your energy and vibration at a high level, and know how to ground & protect your energy?
  • Experience life with much more clarity and focus, while decluttering, saying 'no' and creatingboundaries to protect your space?
  • Kick fear out of your life so you can be open, flexible and ready to do what it takes to realize your goals?

  • Enjoy newfound awareness about yourself, your situation and your loved ones?

  • Feel the incredible, spiritual benefits of self-love and self-exploration?

  • Take action, get out of your comfort zone and fall in love with life?

  • Save time, energy and money by doing something about your situation NOW versus in 6 months or years from now, potentially when it's too late?


My Story

Hi, I'm TraceyLiv, and I'm an American living in London who deeply believes and experiences every day how coaching & energywork changes lives.

In the last decade of professional coaching, training, energywork and leadership,  I've discovered was Coaching addresses the actions, goals, accountability and mindset work I needed to do, and Energywork addresses the energy blocks, the spirituality, and the holistic modalities needed to heal at a root level. 

My mission is to support as many people as possible accelerate their progress so they can achieve success in their lives, heal whatever needs healing (think fears, hesitation, blocks) and create a life they truly love.



The Emerald Program follows curriculum from the International Coach Federation, dialogue & conflict resolution programming and a variety of energywork modalities to support your whole self.


  • Get extremely clear on what you want
  • Create a compelling vision for your future
  • Design short and long-term goals


  • Experience powerful healing modalities (reiki, energywork, aromatherapy, food + lifestyle)
  • Ground and protect your energy system
  • Transform energy patterns that keep you stuck and sick


  • Identify powerful options that will change your life for the better
  • Make new choices to move forward
  • Tap into your intuition and higher wisdom to be able to hear and act on your innermost truth


  • Plan and take consistent, powerful action toward your goals
  • Make clear, grounded decisions that empower you 
  • Actively declutter your life, say ‘no’, create space and remove or limit toxic relationships


  • Receive regular accountability & progress check-ins with TraceyLiv to keep you on track
  • Learn new tools to hold yourself accountable when it matters most
  • Build a thriving network of incredible people to support you along the way

Book a 1-1 Complimentary Call Today

Experience solutions and healing in your life and want to explore how coaching & energywork can help catapult you forward.

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What My Clients Say...

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ashley steel traceyliv london transformational coach energyworker
Tracey’s coaching has helped me get to the core of what truly makes my soul thrive.

Before coaching, my mind and spirit were always in discord and I always felt anxiety and nervousness.

I had difficulty getting through the week because I never had a clear outlook from juggling uncertainty in my friendships and relationships.

Today, I have developed the tool of creating better boundaries and allowing people into my life who honor my best self!

Instead of trying to change others, I change who I let into my life. We laughed together, we cried together, but most importantly, we walked through my journey together!

Thank you so much, Tracey!
— Jalita Moore
Tracey’s coaching skills have improved my life in ways that no therapist could.

Her questions simply woke me up.

I got so caught up in being a mother, wife, daughter, sister, and friend that I neglected my ME identity. I no longer sit back and think “how come so and so hasn’t reached out to me”.

I have come to realize that nothing in my life was exciting because I wasn’t initiating anything. 

I have been pointed in directions that have enhanced my creativity, spirit, self-talk, courage, and confidence. 

I have begun new routines and habits that have enhanced my self-talk, spirit and relationships. 

Tracey has changed my life in powerful ways; I know she could do the same for you.
— Ashley Steele
I am simply grateful to have this amazing person as my coach! It was not until I found Tracey, did I truly start believing in myself.

Her coaching methods didn’t just focus on overcoming symptoms, but, more importantly, delved deep into the sources and helped me find strength from within. After coaching with her, my marriage and my social life have improved significantly.  

I learned that life is a choice. I can choose to live in pain and fear. Or I can choose to fuel my life with  love and courage. And I choose the latter. Thanks Tracey for helping me see an extraordinary life.
— Ke, USA
Coaching sessions with Tracey was a great investment and was one of the best decisions I made this year. 

Every session felt like a journey from sometimes chaotic, overwhelming and insecure place to a place of strength, peace and clarity.  I made a really positive difference to the way I feel and to the quality of the relationship with my partner.  

Tracey has helped me to take back control of my life, the way I feel, the way I react to whatever happens to me. She created a very open, relaxed and absolutely free of any judgment space for me, to verbalise my thoughts and speak up about my feelings. Thank you, Tracey, for our journey and for helping me to discover my inner peace and strength.
— Jo, UK
I am very fortunate to have found you!

As usual I always have a mini growth spurt after our thoughtful sessions.

A number of transformatory shifts occurred from coaching, and it was actually fun b/c the high vibes from you carried me through and it attracted other hi vibe people into my life! Thank You for accompanying me and sharing your wisdom and strength.
— Savannah, USA
Tracey is an amazing coach. The main difference between Tracey and other life coaches is that she truly cares for you and wants to see you reach your maximum potential.

No matter the time, the place, or the weather, Tracey will be there to guide you through life. She does this because she loves it. It is her life’s calling.

Because of her feedback, I felt empowered. This what Tracey offers! It is priceless.
— Kelechi, USA
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For deep transformations in your life

This four-month program was developed for you to create in-depth, sustainable and profound changes within yourself in order to impact your outer life.

This program is for you if you have a goals and challenges you're ready to work on, if you're ready to do the work to create change in your life,  and if you're seeking regular coaching, energywork and accountability to help you create long-term success.

You'll see and feel results from day one, however this isn't about going fast, it's about a deep transformation.

The program includes: 

  • Full-day VIP in-person kickoff with Tracey in London
  • Four months of biweekly coaching & energywork sessions (9 sessions)
  • Personal messaging and e-mail support with TraceyLiv for touch-up coaching in between sessions
  • Monthly goals & intentions worksheet to keep you on track
  • Access to PDFs, Workbooks, resources, guides, business tools and related trainings to support your progress
  • Lifetime membership to the TraceyLiv network, invite-only events and more

Program Investment: £4500*, payment plan - 2x payments of  £2500

**Spaces available on application only, please apply below.**



VIP Kickoff in London

Experience a day of transformation and results-oriented coaching at an award-winning private member's club in London!  The day includes:

  • A fully customized and 1:1 coaching day in London
  • Strategize and get clear on your goals, challenges, dreams and what success looks like
  • Experience energywork principles to heal the past, work through challenges and find new ways forward
  • Enjoy a self-care treatment of your choice
  • Includes coffee/tea and dining

*travel and additional accommodation not included. Not based in London? Not a problem -- we can see if it's possible to meet in another location, or we will hold everything on Skype.

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One final thought…

If you’ve gotten this far down the page then your intuition knows it's time for a change.

Working with a coach to support you pivot and make changes in your life is an extremely powerful and liberating approach.

When you get out of our comfort zone, miracles can step in. Serendipity can step in. You become the best versions of yourself and attract the right people, experiences and circumstances into your life.

Imagine if you said yes right now. What would that do for the quality of your life and the lives of those that you love most?

I'm thrilled to bring my passion and professional expertise to support incredible clients like you to achieve their goals and live the lifestyle they truly deserve. Say yes, I can’t wait to meet you!

xx, Tracey