VIP Days with TraceyLiv

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For people seeking a transformational, private coaching day at a luxury members-club in London (global inquiries being accepted).

You’ve asked for more ways to work 1:1 with me, and I’m excited to share with you my exclusive VIP days where you can do a deep dive into your business & life with me in London (or global).

Get ready to drop the struggle and get unstuck, get the powerful clarity you’re seeking and craft a bespoke 90-day blueprint to uplevel all aspects of your business and life.

These VIP days are laser-focused to get you the results and outcomes you want in your business, purpose and life.

The power of coaching meets spirituality, where we spend 7 amazing hours together in London (or anywhere in the world) to get immediate breakthroughs on what you want, call in the Law of Attraction and develop a strategy blueprint so you have tons of strategies to create your dream life.

This is for people who are serious about their own inner growth and seek powerful coaching to create the outcomes they want in their business and life.

VIP Day Package includes:

  • Bespoke exercises to get you aligned, focused and clear on what you WANT, and what success looks like in your life and business.

  • Breakthrough 1:1 Coaching and strategy sessions, where we create your goals, intentions & dreams for the next 90 days, the actions you can take, and ways to keep you focused & on-track

  • Immediate access to my expertise, insights and knowledge related to business, spirituality, & mindset, as well as a unique opportunity to experience the energywork & intuitive/psychic side of my gifts in-person

  • A Pre-VIP Day Coaching Call to create your bespoke day

  • A follow up Coaching Call to ensure you keep the momentum going

  • Spa treatment

  • All-inclusive Lunch & coffee/tea

Investment in full    £2,900 Inc. VAT

By application only. Travel and accommodation not included.


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